A Treasure

on the Lake Erie Shore

A treasure on the Lake Erie shore in the best corner of the state of Ohio, the northeastern corner, Conneaut, Ohio, is the place to be! Conneaut is home to world-class fishing - in both Lake Erie and famous Conneaut Creek and has abundant hunting opportunities. It has a population of approximately 12,000 friendly, welcoming people. With breath-taking views of Lake Erie, abundant wild-life to observe, covered bridges and outstanding wineries, there is always something luring visitors to this community.

A Treasure

on the Lake Shore

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Stay a While

Conneaut has some of the most unique lodging properties in Northeastern Ohio. From traditional hotels to Bed & Breakfast properties that will not only take your breath away, but will make you feel like you are already home, Conneaut is the place to be!

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Be Home While You're Here

History is Alive

In Conneaut, Ohio

D-Day Conneaut is America's premier living history event and one of the most realistic and educational annual reenactment of D-Day - June 6th, 1944 and the largest WWII reenactment in the US.

Since 1999, this annual recreation of the amphibious Allied landings upon the beaches of Normandy, France, has thrilled thousands of spectators. The event occurs within the beautifully kept grounds of Conneaut Township Park, Conneaut, Ohio, and assembles over 1,200 re-enactors from across the United States and Canada. Remarkably, the 250 yard long beach and sloping adjacent terrain closely resemble Omaha Beach in Normandy, France.


Learn more about the D-Day Ohio event!

Upcoming Events

Experience Conneaut

11:00 am

AA Meetings

American Legion Hall
7:00 pm https://www.broadwayonbuffalo.com/

“The Great American Trailer Park Musical” at Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo

Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm http://bucciavineyards.com/

Ty’s Tunes at Buccia’s

Buccia Vineyard


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